The central intent of the Federation is to develop and help implement a strategy, for transferring as much as possible of the freight/goods being moved within the urban environment in Europe, from motorised vehicles to bicycles/trikes/quads/HPV’s and/or electrically-assisted (pedelec) cycles/trikes. In addition it will support any business or social enterprise which uses or intends to use a bicycle to deliver its operations or services.

We will use the strength and diversity of the Federation membership:

  1. To help shape the future of urban freight mobility and the use of cycles for delivering services
  2. To support existing cycle logistics operations and new businesses/social enterprises
  3. To engage with various national and local authorities and other relevant stakeholders to help to deliver our aims and objectives
  4. To utilise online communications to promote or encourage our work
  5. To co-operate with and commission research and educational programmes to clarify and develop our aims and objectives
  6. To explore partnerships with bodies supportive of our aims and objectives.