DfT/TRL Project to look at legislation on Electric Assist for cycles

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DfT/TRL Project to look at legislation on Electric Assist for cycles

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) are running a project on behalf of the Department of Transport to review current Cycle Regulations. Part of the review covers the options for reducing the burden of UK regulation currently applying to electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCS). This aspect is especially relevant for Cycle Logistic operators who want to carry heavy loads.

Attached are notes from the workshop session held on 19 November 2012 at the Deperatment of Transport in London.

Hopefully the restictive weight limit issue may get removed. 

I have been asked to point out that nothing in the notes represents the views of the Department of Transport or should in any way be construed as indicating future changes in legislation - they are simply a record of stakholder views and ideas that will help the TRL study and DfT in their future deliberations.

If you have any comments/views can I suggest you direct them directly to Brian Robinson at TRL who is responsible for the project brobinson@trl.co.uk

I have just received a

I have just received a revised version of the workshop notes - attached. There was a typo see message below.

Just when I thought it was safe to send out the “final” version of the notes, a typo has been spotted – the new EU Regulation will come into force for new types on 1 January 2016, not 2013 as in the version I sent to you all on Tuesday! A corrected and, I very much hope, final final version is attached. Please disregard the earlier version.


Just posted in reply to the other message to see if there was an update. Should have looked here first!

Draft Options - Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle Regulations

Just received this from Brian Robinson at TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) regarding the draft options for new cycle regulations.

Do please respond to the questionnaire and if you can, attend the workshop in February.

Dear All,


I am writing to you as you have previously had some involvement in our Cycle Regulations Review study for the Department for Transport. The study is now entering its final stages, but there are still opportunities for you to influence the various options for regulatory change (to achieve de-regulation, simplification and/or harmonisation) and, hopefully, to provide background evidence useful for assessing their likely economic, societal and environmental impacts. This email explains those opportunities in a little more detail:


1.Attached, please find a Word document that summarises our current view of the main regulatory options that have been suggested to us during the course of the study to date, on which we invite your further comments and suggestions. The document also sets out a series of more detailed questions regarding the potential/likely impacts of the various options. Please make whatever effort you can to provide answers to as many of the questions as possible, ideally with quantification of the impacts at a GB level.


Responses to the questionnaire emailed back to me by Thursday 31st January would be very much appreciated. Please do feel free to circulate/distribute to other contacts/colleagues who may wish to contribute – noting, of course, that the options are not finalised, are not necessarily exhaustive (i.e. there may be others), and do not represent in any way DfT thinking or policy!


2.DfT are planning to host a project closing Workshop for key stakeholders in London on the afternoon of Friday 8th February 2013 (1pm start). This will provide an opportunity for further, face-to-face, discussions of the options and review of the evidence provided in response to the questionnaire, in time to be useful to the preparation of our draft final report for DfT, due later that month. It is possible that DfT will be unable to host all the stakeholders who may wish to attend, and indeed the numbers may be too unwieldy for effective outcomes, so places may have to be limited in some way. We will aim to ensure a good degree of representation across the various commercial, industrial, cyclist and road safety interests.


For the time being, it would be most helpful if you could let me know whether you are available and wishing to attend the Workshop, ideally within the next week or so. We will then confirm attendees towards the end of January (or suggest particular sub-sets of people agree amongst themselves who should attend on each other’s behalf).


With my sincerest thanks for your continuing help and contributions, and happy New Year!






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