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Invoicing and booking software

Hello all,

I remember there was quite a lot of talk regarding a solution for small businesses in need of a cheap but reliable booking software and invoicing program. As it stands, many of us are relying on google docs or even paper format booking and invoicing which is a complete nightmare. Having fished around for such a software, I have found them to be either too far ie Canada or America or more commonly far too expensive. The last one I looked at seemed like a gift from the cargo bike gods but alas it came to prove far too expensive (300 Euros a month)
Is the federation getting anywhere on this? If there are members out there who can recommend a booking/invoice software/program would you care to share its source?
Velopak Aarhus Denmark
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Hi Brice,

Oustpoken Delivery are also looking for a software soultion which covers booking/tracking/proof of delivery/invoicing as all our systems are currently a combination of manual and spreasheets (we generate upwards of 60 invoices per month).

There are potential solutions out there and I have listed the ones I am aware of below. Would you be able to share via this forum the ones which you have looked at?

1. As Mick mentioned Steve at Cycle4u has developed software which he uses and a London based service also use. We are hoping to trial it soon as well, but we have a specific need to cater for regular contract work which accounts for 70% of our work. Do make contact with Steve at

2. There are a couple of commercially available systems which we have come across and had demos of - but the major drawback is cost:

Journease -

The Podfather - (we really liked this systems and it is being used by a cycle delivery company in Edinburgh (Pronto Pedal Power -

3. I have recently come across this web based solution - parts of which are free to use: InTransit Software ( - not yet had a close look at this.

4. There is a German solution see which I think is used by a number of German speaking companies.

5. Also it would be worth contacting Veloblitz (Switzland) as I think they have developed a soultion as well. They are members of the Federation and contact deatils can be found on the members page.

Now that there are a good number of organisations signed-up for the federation I am intending to do set-up a quick survey monkey to find out a bit more about the members in terms of scope and scale of services, pricing, volumes, software used, etc. Do you think this is a good idea?



You could use iZettle, it would be perfect for most operations. Also they have their API availbale so you can customise how you use it.

In other news we've been using Zello for comms recently, its like having cb radios. 


I'd be interested in an

I'd be interested in an appropriate software solution as well.

I already had my eye on iZettle, as a possible part of the solution, but it doesn't really provide anything other than a way to take payments does it? 

If there was a seriously good commercial piece of software out there, maybe we could purchase a license for the Cyclelogistics Federation. 



Thanks guys,

I have looked at GeoPal, based in Dublin. At first it seemed like a good choice, unfortunately they only sell their licences in a minimum of 10. The total mounted up to 300 Euros a month. 


As for Steve, well, we first spoke about his software back in Cambridge, and after many back and forth emails which left me hanging like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick I decided to give up on what looks like a program which could really help out. Yes, CTRL couriers in London use it and I guess Steve uses it at Cycle4u also. Even after giving him the Danish postcodes and willing to settle for the english version rather than Danish and not been bothered too much about having the software run at its best I was still left with a dangling carrot over my head...if someone wants to chase up on him, go ahead. I even told the guys in Copenhagen but I guess they have given up too. Which reminds me, Gary you need to get in touch with Nicolai at By-Expressen ( ) he's pretty much in charge. He's also epressed the same amount of frustration at findong a software. I've sent an email to and await their reply.

This seems to be something we

This seems to be something we could use an industry standard. that we all use and develop together. Our website designer does this kind of work. We can fund the basic development but could you all come up with a list of requirements? and the steps you currently take from recieveing deliveries to the end customer?

We operate using a system called Vwork, its an american based system but seems to be the best so far for us, has a good scheling for jobs, providing live tracking, PoD, photo options for damaged goods and there developing a customer portal so your customers can book online plus loads of other features. 

we team this up with using "taximeter for all" to charge for distance and time as the system cant currently do this for some clients, input this data into vwork once the taximeter has recorded it as a fixed cost it logs everything in one place but im still testing it with out staff at the moment

Any input or thoughts on all this would be great as i dont think this has been touched upon in years now


@Pedal and Post

LOBO from has pretty much got it all covered ;)