Calling all Cycle Logistics Operators......

The European Cycle Logistics Survey 2016 is being conducted by the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF) on behalf of cycle logistics operators.

To convince policy-makers they should help cycle logistics to thrive in their cities, we need evidence that it works; to convince manufacturers and designers we need well-made cargo and e-cargo pedal cycles, we need evidence that there is a growing market for their products. We know very little about the scope and scale of cycle logistics in terms of number of operators, types of services provided, size of cycle fleet operated, common problems experienced with the fleet, financial information on turnover, costs and prices, or services provided to the traditional logistics industry and rates achieved. So what we are attempting to do with this survey is to start collecting this data.

Please complete the survey by following this link:

The survey is open till 30 April 2016 and highlights will be presented at the International Cargo Bike Conference in Nijmegen, The Netherlands on 16 April 2016.

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Gary Armstrong
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