Cardboard Waste Collection - Bucharest, Romania

ViitorPlus - the association for sustainable development is an Ngo based in Bucharest, Romania. ViitorPlus was founded as a nonprofit, non-governamental, independent organization in order to stimulate and contribute to putting in practice the concept of sustainable development at individual, community and organizational level.

One of our main projects is RECICLETA -  one of the first projects in Romania that is neutral from a carbon emission standpoint. The project is currently implemented in Districts 1 and 2 of Bucharest (Bucharest has 6 districts). Its main objective is to collect paper waste for recycling. The paper is transported with cargo-tricycles, unique in Romania, driven by people with social problems, who thus have a work-place insured. The project started in September 2009 and it is very well received by companies, organizations and residents in the covered areas. So far, we managed to collect over 200 tonnes of paper and cardboard with 2 cargo-tricycles. As a comparison, in Romania only 1,3 % of waste is selectively collected.

More details on the current status of the project:

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Cristina Simionescu
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