Experience of using Cargo Bikes and our expectations of the bike... , Aug 2014
What's your experience of the cargo bikes in your fleet?
Member & Potential Member Survey , May 2014
The ECLF is a professional body representing and supporting cycle logistics companies across Europe. Its membership is drawn from established cycle logistics businesses (i.e.
European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference April 2014 , Apr 2014
The second, free to attend, European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference is being held in the Spring and forms part of the International Cargo Bike Festival (Bakfiets T
International Cargo Bike Festival 2014 , Nov 2013
The exponential rise of cargo bike usage on the streets of Europe combined with the appetite of users to celebrate the use of the humble bicycle for carrying anything from shopping to commercial freight has resulted in the announcement that the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014 will be exten
XICLO Valladolid, ecological delivery service , Oct 2013
Valladolid, ecological delivery service
Workshop Setting up and running a cycle based delivery business , Oct 2013
Outspoken Delivery and the European Cyclelogistics Federation will present a Workshop:
Erdölfrei von der Karibik nach Leipzig , Sep 2013
Wie man Fair gehandelten Rum und Bio-Schokolade ohne fossile Treibstoffe um die halbe Welt transportiert. 
Pronto Pedal Power merge with b-spokes (August 2013) , Aug 2013
On 1 August 2013, b-spokes, the UK’s largest rickshaw promotion and passenger transport business merges with Pronto
CILT Focus Magazine (June 2013) - Article on Cargo Bikes , Jul 2013
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport included an article written by Rob King, MD of Outsoken Delivery, in their June edition of Focus magazine entitled "Cargo bikes: last mile made easy".
Pronto Pedal Power short listed for Green Transport prize -... , May 2013
Pronto Pedal Power based in Edinburgh, UK were shortlisted for a Green Transport Prize. Take a look at their submission which is a great advert for delivery by cargo bike.